Want to Publish Your Writing?
By: Dan Miller


It seems everyone wants to write a book. Some have the ability, a few have the drive, and a very small percentage ever creates an actual plan for writing. They seem to think that it will somehow just happen. Well, Ed McMahon might knock on your door too but I wouldn’t count on it.

An author who wishes to get into print has many choices. You can approach a large New York general publisher or a smaller niche publisher. You can work with an agent, promote yourself or publish yourself.

If you are going to contact major publishers, you will want to do a book proposal – not the entire book. Once a contract is secured, the publisher will want to guide the writing process. You will receive a royalty of 6% to 10% of the wholesale price of your book from a publisher. So if a book sells for $12.95, you will receive approximately $.50.

Finding paying writing opportunities:
Selling Writing Online:
Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Material:
If you would like to see a book proposal outline from a major publisher, just email me and I’ll send you a form:


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