Questions to ask in the Interview
By: Dan Miller


In today’s marketplace, it is not enough to competently answer the interviewer’s questions. You would be well advised to have prepared 4-5 questions to ask when given the opportunity.

People who ask questions appear brighter, more interested, and more knowledgeable.
Here are just a few:
--- What would be a typical day’s assignments?
--- Where are the opportunities for greatest growth within the company?
--- What criteria are used to evaluate and promote employees here?
--- Who will be this company’s major competitors over the next five years?
--- Is this a new position or would I be replacing someone?
--- What qualities are you looking for in the right person for this position?
--- How do you see me complementing the existing group?
--- What do you enjoy about working for this company?

Be prepared when asked if you have any questions. It’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the other candidates. If you don’t, the interviewer will think you are disinterested or unintelligent. Surely there was something that was not explained thoroughly. Equally as important, you must evaluate the company and the position to decide if there is a proper fit for you. Remember, the Latin word for “interview” means to “see about each other.” (From a complete list of questions and what to do after the interview: 48 Days To The Work You Love, pgs 71-71.)


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