'Make $30,000 a Month!'
By: Dan Miller Yep – it’s HERBALIFE -- the most misrepresented MLM, Net-Work Marketing company of all time.

The Internet message talks about working from home, enjoying freedom. This is “not a get-rich-quick scheme,” and they “need help in their business.”

No information about the business other than being part of a Fortune 500 company, described as the fastest growing company in the industry.

I ordered the “Training Material” at $29.95. When it arrived, I had been charged another $6.95 for Priority Delivery. The Manual was 24 pages of material on “success, freedom and having a personal coach.” No indication of the business model, the products or the company. The people use a Hotmail address – this kind just get a lot of negativity – disappear and reappear with a new domain name and email address.

Included was a 3-hour video. After watching for over 2 hours of information about their “lifestyle” the guy happened to mention that they are part of a 22-year old company based out of Beverly Hills, California called HERBALIFE.

He goes directly into the business pitch. No talk about the Products at all. It’s only $195 to become a Distributor if you only want to make $200-500 a month. But if you’re serious about Independence, then you need the $4000 package. You buy your way into a higher level for bigger discounts. He borrowed the money from his mother to start – surely you can do the same. Borrow it from someone or put it on a credit card. is one of many, many websites that all lead back to HERBALIFE. People create these shell companies as their own companies, but the product is HERBALIFE.

are a couple others. actually shows Mark Hughes, the flamboyant founder of HERBALIFE. The video and all their materials still show and talk about Mark Hughes and the vision he has for the company.

Mark Hughes died at age 44 in June of 2000, after a four-day drinking binge and drug overdose. Two men who both claim to be his biological father are fighting for assets. Mark used his mother’s maiden name (Hughes).

There is not space enough to list the legal issues surrounding HERBALIFE.

The FTC website lists over 97 pages of complaints about this Work-At-Home misrepresentation of HERBALIFE.

It is the most abused “business opportunity” misrepresentation I have ever seen. 99% of the thousands of signs on utility poles –
· GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT (They “reimburse” users at 25 cents a day for using the products.)
· “I lost 30lbs. In 30 days”
Lead back to HERBALIFE.
They have paid $850,000 to the state of California because of making false medical claims about their products.

Six states including Florida and Texas ban or restrict sales of the products.

The products contain the controversial ephedrine. It’s essentially an amphetamine, conclusively linked to deaths, strokes and seizures.

This is a blatant example of what we don’t want to promote in a real business opportunity.

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