Grants, Loans and Other Sources of Money
By: Dan Miller

Matthew Lesko is a wild guy with lots of information. He does promote his products, but he also shares readily thousands of helpful sources of information. If you're looking for money for education, training or to start your own business, there are lots of sources:

Here's Matthew Lesko's website:

Here's how he describes what's available:
"This is why I set up this free web site for people to help themselves to over 10,000 sources of money, help and information for any part of live. YOU DONíT EVEN HAVE TO BUY MY BOOK. You can get the information here free. Like:

How to get $250,000 to work on your invention.
How to get an extra $1,000 a year forever.
How to get $30,000 to become a nurse.
How to get free air travel for specialized health care.
How to get $20,000 to buy a car because youíre on disability.
How to get free prescription drugs.
How to get free treatment by the best doctors in the world.
How to go on a free archeological dig.
How to get $250,000 to buy a ranch.
How to get $24,500 to go to graduate school.
How to get $1,200 a month for day care.

The world is full of free money, help and information. And in our democratic
society these free resources are for everyone and not just the lucky few. If
you get the money and help you need to start a business, get an education,
buy a house or solve a family problem you not only help yourself, you help

Matthew Lesko
Author and Entrepreneur"


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