By: Dan Miller


With the explosive use of e-mail, people are still learning proper etiquette on the Internet. Especially if you are using the Internet to send resumes, it may be a good idea to reconsider your e-mail address, according to Cleveland-based Management Recruiters International. People with extremely personalized Internet user names – say “WineLover” or “FastCar” may be delivering a first impression that is way too revealing for an employment opportunity, MRI warns. I actually received an e-mail recently from “Sleepingwithmen” as the sending address. Yes, I had a difficult time taking anything in the content of the letter seriously. Be careful of that catchy address that is cute for your friends but very unprofessional for anything else. Also, be aware that most prospective employers will be turned off by somebody who has the poor judgment to look for a new job using their current employer’s e-mail system.


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