Subtle Signs the Company May be Downsizing
By: Dan Miller

HUMOR – Subtle Signs the Company May be Downsizing

1. The traditional Christmas Turkey consists of an egg and hatching instructions.
2. You call in sick and personnel says, “That’s the spirit!”
3. You notice the employee out-placement program consists of a copy of the want ads and a lottery ticket.
4. Your new computer terminal says “Fisher Price” on it.
5. The vacation schedule has a notation: “If you feel like staying longer, go for it!”
6. Management is passing out “Two-Week Pins” honoring long-term employees.
7. At quitting time no one says, “See you tomorrow!”
8. You complain to personnel about longer hours, lower pay, less help, lack of benefits, and the they respond, “yeah, so what’s your point?”


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