By: Dan Miller


I tell people day after day that ideas are a dime a dozen. But it’s the person who creates a plan of action that will reap the reward. Here are a couple who have:

David Avalos, 46, noticed how much comfort a “blankie” gave his 3-yr-old son. Avalos suddenly started wishing he had something as simple as a blanket to comfort him whenever he hit rough times. With no manufacturing experience he designed a line of InSecurity Blankets that have become an instant hit. “I’ve found my passion, and that’s just creating my own path,” says Avalos. His InSecurity Blankets come with a satin logo and the slogan -- “Comfort Your Doubts.” They additionally say, “There’s a Hug in every Tug. Warmth and Peace in every Crease” Need a comforting blankie yourself: or call (get this) 1-866-NO-DOUBT

Carmel Sullivan felt isolated and alone following her unexpected divorce. She attempted to find a roommate, preferably a single mother like herself, but found no services existed to help her. She placed her own ads and eventually found her perfect match. In the process she discovered there are 14 million single mothers living in the US, many of whom are struggling financially as well as emotionally. Carmel has created a web site that features member profiles of single moms looking for roommates and offers a “Circle of Friends” page that mothers can visit to get some support. Today, 4,800 users nationwide pay $30 per year for membership. (In case you’re doing the math, that’s $144,000.) Her business has been featured on CBS News, Good Morning America and Inside Edition. The site is beautifully and sensitively done:


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