By: Dan Miller

“MILLIONAIRE MIND” -- notes from

I recently did a synopsis of Thomas Stanley’s new book, “The Millionaire Mind.” Stanley studied the common themes in those who end up very, very wealthy. There are not the connections to academic degrees and credentials that we have traditionally thought. The only real common theme in these deca-millionaires is that they were doing something they truly loved doing. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us there will be 50 Million new jobs in the next 5 years – they can’t tell us what 50% of those jobs will be. The Futurist magazine recently predicted that 70% of all new jobs in the next 10 years will not require a college degree.

Here are just a couple of the conclusions that Stanley, a college professor, relates about these deca-millionaires:
-- Their undergraduate grade point average (GPA) was 2.92 on a 4.00-point scale. Sometimes a 4.0 simply means a person can regurgitate information. A lower GPA may force someone to be more creative in his or her choices. (Know any frustrated dentists, doctors, or attorneys who went on to graduate school just because they had the ABILITY to do so?)
-- Most have been told by some authority figure or by the results of standardized test scores that they were NOT:
• Intellectually gifted
• Of law-school caliber
• Medical-school material
• Qualified to pursue an MBA degree
• Smart enough to succeed

-- Dr. Sternberg, a leading authority on human intelligence, has found that successful intelligence has three components, and analytical intelligence is just one. The others are creative intelligence and practical intelligence, or common sense. Could it be that most millionaires are economically successful because they are creative and have a lot of common sense?

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