By: Dan Miller


The ranks of the unemployed are currently at 8.4 million people. In the quarter that just ended (Jan.-Mar. 2003) job search times surged to a 17-yr. high of 4.2 months. The number of unemployed people age 45 and over has ballooned to 2.3 million. 46% of those out of work for 27 weeks or more are white-collar workers.

Out of such gloomy statistics comes a new breed of self-starter, the “accidental entrepreneur” – someone who never imagined having their own business until there seemed to be no other option. In the past few months I have seen airline pilots, physicians, human resource directors, CEOs, pastors and attorneys who have lost their jobs. A music industry executive has lost his job 4 times in the last 3 years. What are the chances of replacing that $130,000/yr position with another similar one? It’s still possible but the odds are not great. And the odds for “security” and “predictability” have essentially disappeared.

But yes, out of chaos and uncertainty, creativity is frequently born. A CEO is now a web site writer, a pastor is now an artist, an attorney is developing an executive training seminar, and an airline pilot now has his own cruise agency. All describe the increased sense of control and freedom. Maybe your disaster is actually God helping you find your wings.

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