By: Dan Miller

I often work with people in showing them how to create additional income without leaving their current job. Here’s one idea I have never suggested, before now.

Fireflies are used in some apparently very important research in molecular biology. Using firefly materials, scientists are attempting genetic research to find potentially revolutionary treatments for Alzheimer’s and certain forms of cancer. Already there are promising developments in the treatment of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.

Now, here’s your part. They will pay for you to catch fresh supplies of fireflies and will pay you 33 cents per gram or $9.50 per ounce. This turns out to be approximately $1.30 per 100 fireflies caught. You do have to keep them dry and frozen and send them in quickly to have qualified bugs. Kelly Smith of Lawrenceburg, TN scooped in 408 grams last year to earn a check for $129.

Let’s see – the mortgage is due and the groceries are a little low. Or how about that new washing machine for only $399? Well if you can simply catch 30,692 fireflies, you can surprise your wife with that new washing machine.

For further information or questions, you can write to Firefly Project, 103 Wiltshire Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

Incidentally I do think there are better ideas for generating additional income.


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