By: Dan Miller

The average shopper spends 27 minutes in the supermarket, and the average store has 30,000 items. That means the average customer spends only a fraction of a second looking at any one package. Thus the importance of packaging. General Mills, parent company of Better Crocker, just spent more than a year and more than $1 million redesigning its cake, cookie, and muffin mix boxes.

Jack Heffern, vice president of brand design, says “consumers have a strong emotional connection to cake mix.” “There are nostalgic memories of baking with Mom. We wanted to get that classic warm-and-homey feeling, with a soft, sunny background, evoking a kitchen. The red box border was created for uniformity, but the wavy band evokes the stirring of batter.”

Surveys show shoppers are finding the new boxes 15% faster than the old ones.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling lawn care, wedding cakes, pet treats, children’s books or widgets from China, you must realize that people buy the perceived look, the feel, the benefit. Notice the packaging we are being sold the next time you walk the grocery aisles.

Now get to work making your product one that everyone wants before they even open or use it. I am working with a lady who is developing an Internet site focused on geriatric cats. Imagine the emotional and visual images that could be effective there…

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