By: Dan Miller


There is an old Chinese saying that goes something like this: “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” Yesterday we ate lunch at a brand new restaurant here in Franklin, TN. No one smiled or greeted us when we came in or during our entire stay there. Unfortunately for them there is another established restaurant with the same menu format where we are greeted with enthusiasm every time we visit. Guess where we will go next time.

That same phenomenon has much the same effect on interviewers. In a survey conducted among 5000 human resource managers, one of the questions was: “What do you look for most in a candidate?” Of the 2756 who responded, 2322 ranked enthusiasm first. The first thing interviewers look for in a candidate is vitality and enthusiasm. Many candidates with the right background experience and skills disqualify themselves with a demeanor that suggests they lack energy.

The easiest way to convey energy and enthusiasm is to smile. Now there’s a tip that you can implement today. No waiting, no paying for expensive degrees, no buying a new suit – just smile!!

In the classic little book, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” David Schwartz challenges the readers with this test: “Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. You can’t. A big smile gives you confidence. A big smile beats fear, rolls away worry, defeats despondency.” That sounds like a great preparation for your next interview.

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