By: Dan Miller


Yes, there really are thousands of ways to make money on the Internet. No, not everything is a scam. I make lots of money each month on the Internet and spend time every day studying new opportunities there.

Just recognize this basic principle: If I open a store in my home town, I will have about a 5-mile radius of prospective customers. I will have to be open regular hours with myself or employees present and that will have to include evenings and weekends. I’ll have to sign a lease and purchase inventory in advance.

Now look at an Internet store. I have instant exposure to the entire country and literally to the world. Just recently we sent a package to a professor at the University of Korea, in Seoul, Korea. He ordered one of everything I offer on our web site. I don’t have to man the “store” or be there at any particular hours. The computer operates out of my house, eliminating the need for a lease agreement. We forward the orders to a local fulfillment company, eliminating my need for employees for that process. I can accept orders and have the money deposited into my account before I buy the products ordered. What a business!!

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