By: Dan Miller

Here’s a recent question from a reader:

QUESTION: Hello, After hearing about your program on the Dave Ramsey show, I decided to check out your web site. Your course looks good, but what happens once you find the "work you love" and you aren't "qualified"? I went to college for over 4 years, but never actually got a degree. That little piece of paper is holding me back from a lot of things. Does your course cover how to get jobs that you don't have experience or qualifications for, but is the work you love? I really don't want to get my hopes up and find my perfect job, only to find that they aren't going to hire me. Thanks!

ANSWER: There are too many unknowns in your questions to give a very complete answer. If you are wanting to do brain surgery or design skyscrapers, then not having the degree will certainly hold you back. If you want to be in a sales position, a management position, or design landscaping, then not having a degree is probably not an issue. But you refer to getting a job where you don't have experience or the qualifications -- why would a company hire you? If you really don't have those things, then No, I would not even recommend you waste your time pursuing those jobs. However, being “qualified” implies much more than just having a degree. 48 Days To The Work You Love does cover how to put yourself in the driver's seat in the job search process. Yes, you can bypass people with more degrees and experience by doing an effective and creative job search.


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