By: Dan Miller

No matter how banal, backbreaking or demeaning a job might be, someone can be found to do it. At least that's what an informal poll by Express Personnel Services has found. The Oklahoma City-based employment firm has hired temporary workers willing to wipe blood and other body fluids from Plexiglas at hockey games for $7 an hour, chase deer off an airport runway for $8 an hour and pour thousands of cans of rancid beer down a drain for $6 an hour. And here's a couch potato's dream position: getting paid $11 an hour to appear to be working. Express said a company in Redmond, Wash., actually hired three temps to look busy and professional to make visitors think it had a larger staff.

While doing my graduate work in clinical psychology, I reviewed some interesting studies. In one experiment, people were hired to dig a trench, put the dirt back in, then move over 2 feet and repeat the process. Although the pay continued to be substantially raised, after about a week, all the workers quit. They would not do what was obviously meaningless work.

I tell people all the time that money is ultimately not enough compensation for investing your time and energy: there has to be a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. Maybe times have changed!!

I know that people who believe they have no options may be trapped in meaningless jobs but surely not any of you brilliant, intuitive readers of this website! Are any of you still working just for the money?


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