Shades of Things to Come
By: Dan Miller

A man scolded his 4-yr-old son for being so unruly and
the child rebelled against his father. He got some of his
clothes, his teddy bear and his piggy bank and proudly
announced, "I'm running away from home!"

The father calmly decided to look at the matter
logically. "What if you get hungry?" he asked.

"Then I'll come home and eat!" bravely declared
the child.

"And what if you run out of money?"

"I will come home and get some!" readily replied
the child.

The man then made a final attempt, "What if your
clothes get dirty?"

"Then I'll come home and let mommy wash
was the reply.

The man shook his head and exclaimed, "This kid's
not running away from home; he's going off to


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