By: Dan Miller

There was a pool in Jerusalem near the sheep market
that was believed to have special properties. The
belief was that every so often, at an unexpected time,
an angel would stir the waters, and then whoever
managed to jump in first would be healed. In John 5 in
the Bible, we read where Jesus was walking by and
heard the whining voice of a guy who had been coming
there every day for 38 years. Jesus walked up to him
and asked, "Wilt thou be made whole?" Dude, do
you want to get well?
The guy was probably
offended and thought to himself, "Of course I do.
Haven't I been coming here every day for 38 years?"

But we know Jesus could see through to the heart.
The question was a legitimate one. "Do you want to
get well?"
I suspect that enjoying poor health,
hanging around at the pool, receiving other people's
sympathy and handouts had become this guy's
profession. Of course he had reasons to complain.
Can't you see how bad things are? He had probably
long since lost any hope of changing his situation and
had created his own private little welfare system.

Seeing into his heart Jesus said, "Get up and
A little confused by the authority, the guy
actually found out he could stand up and walk. Whoa!
No more comfort of self-pity, no more sympathy from
friends, no more of the predictable familiarity of justified
whining and complaining. What do you suppose
happened the next morning when this guy's mom and
dad suggested he go out and get a job?

How many people do you know who are hiding behind
the socially acceptable excuse of having a
"disability" or "condition" or "loser's
that exempts them from the daily
responsibility the rest of us shoulder? "If I got a
job, my disability checks would stop." "If it weren't for
this pain in my leg, I'd be willing to go work." "I'm suing
the company because they fired me after only four
days of showing up late."
There's safety in being
down and out. The real test and responsibility comes
with being healthy and well. Thus the question,
"Wilt thou be made whole?"


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