By: Dan Miller

This morning I received the pre-coaching information
profile from a 40-yr-old teacher. He wrote, "I feel
like I got on the wrong boat, and now my life is half
Wow - what a painful statement about
moving along in this journey called life. Are you clear
on where you are going? On what your purpose here
is? If not, why not? How can we find fulfillment, peace
and meaning without being clear on our
"mission" in life?

In sharing this with my wife, Joanne, she paused and
then related her absolute confidence in knowing what
she was sent here to do. She can't imagine being
unclear or confused about her mission at this stage in
her life. Neither can I. Yes, it's a process - but if we
pay attention to the signs along the way, the path
ought to become clear.

Three things must be blended for you to have the
confidence of living out your purpose:

  • Your Skills & Abilities

  • Your Personality Traits

  • Your Values, Dreams & Passions

There should be enough information from these three
areas to help you identify your direction and purpose.
It's not something superimposed from the outside -
looking at yourself and what God has already revealed
to you should give you a clear starting point.

This same gentleman continues in response to this
question: "If the doctor told you today you had 6
months to live, what would you do in those remaining
He writes, "I would apologize to God
every day that I couldn't find what it was I was sent
here to do."
If this is where you are today, commit
to change tomorrow. Don't let that be the final
summary of your life.

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