By: Dan Miller

Studies have shown that 90% of communication is
nonverbal. So how do you shine in the increasingly
popular phone interview? You can't take advantage of
your good looks, great wardrobe, firm handshake, eye
contact, and JLo perfume.

But there are unique elements of a phone interview
that you can use to your advantage:

  • Stand Up. Standing changes your breathing
    and your tone of voice. It makes you sound stronger
    and more confident. (I stand and walk when doing
    phone coaching so I don't risk sounding tired or too

  • Have a Mirror Handy. Yes, be looking at yourself in a
    mirror. Your smile and facial expressions come through
    more than you may realize. Respond physically like you
    would in person and much of that enthusiasm will be
    translated via the phone anyway.

  • Have Your Answers Written Out. This is an open-book
    test. You can have your answers to all of the
    expected questions written out and actually sound
    much more polished than you may be able to in person.
    "What are your three greatest strengths? What do
    you look for in a supervisor? Why did you leave your
    last job?"
    Be ready with clear responses to these
    and many more.

    Don't see the phone interview as just a preliminary step
    of little importance. It's the real thing. Put yourself at
    the top - it's fairly easy to outshine the competition.


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