By: Dan Miller

Susan Winston approached a local coffee shop with an
idea. She would provide fresh flowers at no charge if
they would tell customers the flowers came from her
business. "That's how the English Garden
says Susan. Customers rely on her to
create bouquets that stretch the imagination.

Seth Godin placed his book, Idea Virus on the
Internet where you could download and print the entire
197-page book absolutely free. This novel approach
got attention in Entrepreneur, Success and
Inc. magazines. His name became recognized as
a familiar business expert and his keynote speaking fee
jumped to $50,000. (This is a great book on how to
market in new and innovative ways.) It's now a
hardback book sold from Amazon - but guess what?
I'm still making it available for you free on the 48

Remember how Chick-Fil-A exploded into the market?
They were the first to grab you walking through the
mall and give you free samples of their product.

I write a regular article for a Christian Sunday School
curriculum which then goes out to 400,000 eager
readers - providing instructional teaching but also
linking back to the 48 Days products.
This is one of many different ways I have found to
promote an ongoing revenue stream.

Our yard care team (We Care Lawn Care) just provided
the landscaping at a premier showhouse which is selling
tours as a fund raiser -- they'll get lots of new
customers from seeing their great work.

What are the creative low cost ways you can promote
your business? (Beginning on page 69 in "48
Days To Creative Income,"
I list 100 Guerrilla
Marketing weapons - 64 cost zero dollars.)

48 Days To Creative Income


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