Here's a great new term to describe the women who
want to be primary caregivers for their children, but
still want to contribute to family income (or provide it

It used to be that moms had only two
alternatives: stay at home and give up creating
income, or work outside the home and give up time
with the kids. With today's options you don't have to
make that either/or choice. You don't have to
abandon money-making just because you long to
stay at home with your children. Mompreneurship
offers you the best of both worlds.

And this isn't just about Tupperware or Discovery
Toys. Some of the top choices for Mompreneurs are
graphic design, freelance writing, interior design,
office support services, employment counselor, tutor,
image consultant, gift basket creator, wedding
coordinator, and headhunter. Often a simple product
or service idea can be turned into a profitable

Check out what Kirstyn Anderberg from Salt Lake
City, UT has done with an over-the-counter remedy
for colic: Colic
. Or what Pam Stahl of Franklin, TN is doing
with her passion for quilts: href="">Real Women
See what Melanie Westmoreland of
Chattanooga, TN is offering with her candy wrapper
designs: href="">Candy
Wrapper Designs

We have the latest release of the
Mompreneurs book. I got excited this
weekend reading about the hundreds of examples the
two lady authors give of moms who have turned their
unique skills into "guilt-free" income. If you
need some new options for balance in the creating
income & being a mommy areas, get one of our
discounted copies now.

See "Mompreneurs"


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