My creativity has been neutered
By: Dan Miller

This week I saw a very successful airline captain. In
his own words - "I'm at the apex of my career."
He makes in excess of $200,000 annually and has
the respect and admiration of everyone who knows
him. Unfortunately, the stress of his position and the
volatility of his industry are forcing him to consider
some new options.

When we began to explore his interests, hobbies and
community activities, he apologized for his lack of
ideas. He struggled to explain how he had become so
narrow and out of touch - his best description was
that his own "success" had "neutered his

Creative inspiration is all around us. Last week
Joanne and I attended an incredible presentation by
Ken Jenkins, a nature photographer.
( We were awed by his
guidance in seeing God in nature in a new way.

We must be open to the new ideas and inspiration.
The seeds of new opportunities abound as we just
look around with new eyes. "The real act of
discovery is not in finding new lands, but in seeing
with new eyes."
-- Marcel Proust

Here are some helpful activities for birthing new ideas:

  • Taking a warm bath
  • Spending time in
  • Listening to great music

  • Hearing a joke
  • Playing with children

  • Observing nature
  • Taking a leisurely
  • Pausing for inner reflection

  • Paying attention to your dreams
  • Seeing a
  • Watching a sunset or sunrise

  • Reading a great book
  • Talking with an elderly

Keep in mind that "Creativity, when not used,
turns to depression."
-- Henri Reiman

Put your own creative ideas to work:


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