But I don't want to be a doctor
By: Dan Miller

The bureau of Labor Statistics has projected which
occupations will grow, which will have the greatest
need for workers, and what employers will be looking
for. Unfortunately, a new survey of teen-agers
(students age 13-18) reveal that their career
objectives are not consistent with the needs of the
future employment market.

A Job Shadow/Harris Interactive poll reports that
more than half (51 percent) of teens have no interest
in pursuing the top five fastest growing career fields,
determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to
have critical workforce needs in this decade and

A new Junior Achievement poll reports that nearly
twice the number selected "business person"
as their ideal job as those who selected
"doctor" (6.5 percent) and "computer field"
(4.9 percent). These kids want to own
restaurants, landscape companies, delivery services
and trendy clothing stores. "Entertainer"
made the top 5. Over 70 percent want to own
their own business sometime during their lives.
They're optimistic, expecting to reach their life goals.

These kids have seen parents laid off, downsized and
"uninstalled." They are determined not to be
vulnerable to corporate politics and bureaucracy.
What do you think? Are they on the right path or are
they looking at pipe dreams? What would you advise
your own teenager to do?


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