Unusual Interview Questions
By: Dan Miller

With the growing concern of companies hiring the right people, the interview process itself has become less predictable and more creative. I recommend a 3- 3-3 process for companies: Interview at least 3 people for any position, 3 times, in 3 different settings.

J.C. Penney was known for interviewing people over a 6:00 AM breakfast. If the person put salt and pepper on their food before tasting it, the interview was over. In Mr. Penney's estimation, this was a person who made decisions before they had all the information. Anyway, here are some current questions being asked. Just try to come up with your own answers. Yes, companies have the right to ask questions that do not seem to be related to job performance. Many just want to see how you "think." Most of these do have right answers:

  • "What's the biggest career mistake you've made so far?"
  • "Who else are you interviewing with, and how close are you to accepting an offer?"
  • "What are the last 3 books you've read?"
  • "Why do they make manhole covers round?"
  • "If you had your own company, what would it do?"
  • "You wake up one morning and there's been a power outage. You know you have 12 black socks and 8 blue ones in your drawer. In absolute darkness, how many socks do you need to pull out before you can be sure you have a match?"
  • "How many barbers are there in New York City?"


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