Incompetent Interviewer

If you've been job hunting lately, chances are strong
you've run into an incompetent interviewer. My
experience is that many people responsible for
interviewing see it as a necessary evil. It's not what
they want to do so it's something to get over quickly
so they can go back to what it is they do well. Don't
assume you will be meeting with a polished

See the interview as a conversation; it's not an
inquisition or interrogation. Keep in mind the Latin
root for the word "interview" means "to
see about each other."
You need to be able to
move the conversation along by asking appropriate
questions or making appropriate comments. You are
not there just to answer questions. And you can
help lead the interview in a positive direction.

People who ask questions appear brighter, more
interested, and more knowledgeable.

Here are just a few:

  • What would be a typical day's assignments?

  • Where are the opportunities for greatest growth
    within the company?

  • What criteria are used to evaluate and promote
    employees here?

  • Who will be this company's major competitors over
    the next five years?

  • Is this a new position or would I be replacing

  • What qualities are you looking for in the right person
    for this position?

  • How do you see me complementing the existing group?

  • What do you enjoy about working for this company?

  • Be prepared when asked if you have any questions.
    It's a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the
    other candidates. If you don't, the interviewer will
    think you are disinterested or unintelligent. Surely
    there was something that was not explained
    thoroughly. Equally as important, you must evaluate
    the company and the position to decide if there is a
    proper fit for you.

    See complete list on page 93 of 48 Days - Workbook


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