Wages - Hourly or Salary?
By: Dan Miller

I have been talking consistently about the change
from being paid for "time" to being paid for "results."
Companies are moving away from paying just because
you show up physically. They want to see what you
contribute to the success of the company.

Roger Sant, chairman of AES Corp. says this:
"What are you saying when you pay someone an
hourly wage? You're saying, 'We only care about the
physical time you spend in the plant. We don't trust
you, so you have to punch a time clock.' That
attitude is left over from the Industrial Revolution,
and that's not the way we feel. When you pay
someone a salary and make them eligible for bonuses
and stock ownership, you are saying, 'Our
assumptions about you are no different from those
we have about the plant leader. You can and should
bring your brainpower and soul - your whole person -
to work.'"

Being paid for results rather than time opens up all
kinds of interesting opportunities. You could work
from home, go to the office 2 days a week, work for
several companies doing the same thing, explore new
projects, take some training courses, and invest time
in other areas of a balanced life.

Future Prediction: Organizations will not pay you for
your time alone. Be sure you understand your
contributions to the success of your company.


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