Fears squelching you?
By: Dan Miller

As a little Mennonite boy, I was terrified yet
attracted to trying things outside of that
experience. Could I be something other than a
farmer? We had only black cars - could I really build
the red '31 Model A street rod that started my love
affair with cars?

When I first started teaching college classes as a
graduate assistant, I would run to the restroom to
relieve my stomach nausea on my way to every
class. I was terrified, but confident that if I could
make it through that, other opportunities would
appear. When I first saw Joanne I wondered how I
could get someone so beautiful to notice a simple guy
like me. When I started one of my first businesses, I
gave an excuse to my first customer because I was
too scared to deliver what I had just sold him.

It's likely each of you have had those things that
have had an attraction but perhaps seemed out of
reach or too intimidating.

Here's a statement from The Wisdom of Leonardo
da Vinci:
"Urged on by my eagerness to see
the many varied and strange forms shaped by artful
nature, I wandered for some time among the shady
rocks and finally came to the entrance of a great
cavern. At first I stood before it dumbfounded,
knowing nothing of such a thing; then I bent over
with my left hand braced against my knee and my
right shading my squinting, deep-searching eyes;
again and again I bent over, peering here and there
to discern something inside; but the all-embracing
darkness revealed nothing. Standing there, I was
suddenly struck by two things, fear and longing; fear
of the dark, ominous cavern; longing to see if inside
there was something wonderful."

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