At Will Employment
By: Dan Miller

There is a current Burger King commercial in which
the boss announces that he bought lunch for
everyone. But then he adds that this is the last time
they will all be eating together, as downsizing is forcing him to
let someone go. He turns to the young
assistant, who is standing next to him and nodding, and asks
him to pick a
number. The oblivious young worker says, "4"
and the boss immediately says, "You're fired."

That's not a totally unrealistic scenario. At least
theoretically, an employer could tell each of his or her
employees to pick a card from a deck of 52, and then
fire everybody who doesn't draw face cards. Perhaps
drawing the joker gets you the CEO position.

Yes, there is protection from firings based on
discrimination, revenge or whistle-blowing but those
are tricky to define. The principle is that employment
has to be beneficial from both sides. If it's not, you
need to part ways. Legal protection ultimately
doesn't make a cozy working environment anyway.

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