We don't want your idea
By: Dan Miller

You've seen the late night advertising come-ons.
"Million dollar companies are dying to capture
the next big idea."
These scam invention
development marketers want you to believe that Bill
Gates and General Motors are just waiting for your
great idea.

Unfortunately, this is just one more urban legend.
The reality is that most companies don't want your
idea. MacDonald's is not going to pay you big bucks
because you think the ketchup containers should be
bigger. Hasbro doesn't want your next Frisbee idea.
No company wants to be accused of stealing
someone's idea - thus the safest bet is to not even
talk to you. And independent inventors have a track
record of being difficult to deal with. Companies are
far better off developing their ideas "in house."

Now - this does not mean you can't get rich from
your idea; but here's how to do it. Develop a simple
model. Show it to your friends and get their
feedback. Then take it to flea markets, street fairs,
and trade shows. The point is you have to market it
yourself. Then when you've sold 10,000 units, you
will have big companies knocking on your door.

George Schaeffer bought a small dental supply
company from his uncle. He saw an opportunity to
use his dental acrylic to make artificial nails. Last
year OPI sold over $105 million in nail care products -
much of that to my wife, Joanne. George is a very
wealthy guy because he got out and sold his
products himself.

I get calls every week from people who want to "sell"
their great idea. Please know that ideas are a dime a
dozen. No one will pay you for
your IDEA. But you can ACT on your idea and totally
change your future.

Find the steps for turning your ideas into big bucks.


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