But I work cheap!
By: Dan Miller

Five years ago factories were booming in Mexico -
and we heard all the stories about our manufacturing
jobs going down there. But in the last couple of
years, more than 270,000 Mexicans have lost
assembly line jobs and hundreds of factories have
closed their doors. Officials are saying the country
needs to reduce regulations, encourage
entrepreneurship and move to more complex, higher-
wage businesses.

There are 97 million people in Mexico - 26 million are
living in "extreme poverty." They are walking away
from jobs that pay $3 to $4 a day. The companies
that scurried down there to get rich as the result of
cheap labor are now struggling to keep their doors
open at all.

Just doing things cheaper is never a long-term
solution. Simply being the cheapest as a company or
as a person, will ultimately leave you holding an
empty bag. Folgers tried to get the cost of coffee
down to $.25 a cup. Starbucks exploded onto the
scene with $3.00 coffee but with a new experience
as well. Whose name is more popular today?
Defining your unique value and positioning yourself as
the best will more likely lead to "security" and
ongoing income.

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