One French fry at a time
By: Dan Miller

A current popular book is titled One Small Step
Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way.
author, psychologist Robert Maurer, describes the
process he used to lose weight. He didn't count
calories or carbs or get a personal trainer.

What he did was to throw away one French fry from
his plate. Eventually, it became two, then three
French fries, or portions of whatever he was eating.
In this way, Maurer lost 45 pounds in 18 months - a
living example of the premise in his book.

Taking tiny steps to achieve a seemingly impossible
goal is the foundational premise of kaizen
(pronounced "kay-zin"). This is a Japanese concept
that means "continuous incremental
Kaizen has become a catchword
in American industry leading to terms like Total
Quality Control.

But what could you do in your personal life with this
principle? Losing weight is an obvious application --
but what if you wanted to read the Encyclopedia
Americana? Learn a new language? Develop new
career skills? Write a book? Eat an elephant? Build
a new house? Double your income? How could you
approach it as one French fry at a time?

If you read about 10 minutes a day, you'll read an
average book a month. If you write one page a day,
you'll have a book ready to print in six months. If
you stop three negative comments a day from coming
out of your mouth, in 90 days you will have saved
the world from 270 negative blows. Start throwing
away those French fries - you'll see a brand new you

Here's an incredible story from Yolanda A. Facio, one
of our readers
who took action:

If developing that book one page at a time is part of
your plan for success, join me for dinner at the
Westin in Los Angeles on April 15th. We won't be
serving French fries:

To review the process for getting the French fries
out of your life, begin on page 61 of the new
48 Days To The Work You Love.

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