Fake Resumes?
By: Dan Miller

We all hear the stories about how a taxi driver was
a “transportation logistics manager” on his resume
and the greeter at WalMart becomes a “human
relations director” in the next job search. Now some
people are contending that lying on a resume is so
common that it’s necessary to get the better jobs.

In a new study, says that
after six months of checking out job titles, dates of
employment and educational backgrounds of
applicants, they found major misrepresentations in
42.7 percent of resumes they reviewed. Lying has
become so common, there’s even a website to help
people do it:

"Over 70 percent of college graduates admit to lying
on their resumes to get hired," the website
claims. "Can you afford not to know the techniques,
tricks and methods they use?" The service promises
How to get College transcripts from ANY
University with any GPA you want!
And to tell
you Why you can't afford not to lie on your

I once fired a great employee because he took a 4-
pack of toilet paper home with him. He was
flabbergasted that I would make such a big deal out
of a $2.00 item. I explained that it was not the
cost -- rather, with his action I was not clear where
he would draw the line on integrity. It was obvious
he would justify some compromises and I felt safer
not having him on my team. He thanked me for that
lesson about two years later.

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