Do You “See” What I See?
By: Dan Miller

No, I know it’s not Christmas but that line leads into
making a point. Last weekend Joanne and I spent a
couple of days at Whitestone Inn, in Paint Rock, TN,
celebrating our anniversary. While there we had the
pleasure of watching several majestic bald eagles
soaring leisurely over the resort where they make
their home.

I watched as one of the eagles glided out over the
lake, searching for possible food below. I was
reminded again of the eagle’s seemingly supernatural
vision. Its eyesight is 4-8 times sharper than a
human’s and their ability to see detail at a distance is

“Where there is no vision, the people
perish.” Prov. 29:18

While we may not be able to increase our physical
eyesight, we can increase our ability to
"see" things in new and different ways.
Many times, even academic and career success
fosters tunnel vision rather than broad vision. But
we can learn to “think outside the box,” and to see
methods, solutions, and opportunities that are
uncommon. Asked to explain the difference between
himself and an average person, Albert Einstein
explained that, when faced with the problem of
finding a needle in a haystack, the average person
would stop when he or she found a needle. But
Einstein would tear through the entire haystack
looking for all possible needles.

Today’s changing workplace demands that you see
things in new ways. When unexpected change
comes, do you “see” oppression or
opportunity? What could you “see” right
around you that others may not see? Check out the
stories below for some examples.

The real act of discovery is not in
finding new lands, but in seeing
with new eyes. -- Marcel Proust


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