All Work and No Play Makes Johnny a Dull Boy
By: Dan Miller

How does Google come up with all its cool new
services and innovative tools? Do their people
struggle through 60 hour weeks to come up with all
those new ideas? Not exactly, and they may have a
model that you could use for yourself or your
company to increase innovation.

Google encourages its engineers to spend one day a
week, or 20 percent of their time, on projects that
are unrelated to work. Called “20 percent time,” the
concept is credited with helping the company bypass
the competition and develop cash cow products.

You know the old adage about getting your best
ideas while in the shower. I expect to get my most
creative ideas while on my early morning walks – not
while pressed in against my computer screen. Could
it be that your straining for creativity and innovation
may actually be preventing you from stumbling onto
the next idea like Post-it notes or iTunes? Do you recognize
the point of diminishing return for the “time” you
invest in your work? Can you even believe that you
could perhaps achieve more by working less? Try it.
The results may surprise you.


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