Is that “Humus” on your face?
By: Dan Miller

If you are a backyard gardener as I am, you
appreciate the value of humus – the decayed leaves
and vegetable matter that feeds the roots of your
new plants. It’s interesting to note that the same
root word for “humus” gives rise to the
word “humility.” This helps me understand that
the “humiliating” events of my life, the events that
leave “mud on my face” may in fact be the fertilizer
in which something new and great can grow.

18 years ago I crashed and burned in my business.
Handshake relationships with the bank changed and
my notes were called. I was forced into selling a
health and fitness center at auction, resulting in
losing over $400,000 and owing over $100,000 in
personal and IRS debt. That “humiliating” experience
refined my thinking and understanding of business.

Today, I am free of any business debt, have a
totally non-traditional business, an incredible sense
of meaning and purpose in my work, and far more
income than I did back in those days.

Remember, it’s usually in the midst of muck and mess
that the conditions for rebirth are being created.
Explore that muck you’re standing in. You may find
the fertilizer for your ultimate success.


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