What is your dream?
By: Dan Miller

In our last teleseminar – 30-Second
Commute: Working from Home
, one of my
guests was Jim Hodges. Several years ago, while out
on a dinner date, Jim’s wife asked him, “If you
could do whatever you wanted to, what would that
Jim immediately replied, “I’d read history

So how do you take that kind of dream and turn it
into a real income-producing outcome? Most people
would have finished dinner and gone back to the
reality of day-to-day existence. However, with Jim,
the seed was somehow planted. Today, he reads
history books, making audio recordings that make
history come alive for students young and old. He
travels to home-schooling conferences and other
educational events to share his products. And now
book publishers are coming to him to ask him to
produce their audio recordings.

In submitting his work description to me, Jim said,
“Honestly, I never work anymore. The entire
business, from recording to marketing to traveling to
conventions, all of it, is immensely pleasurable for

What could you do if you didn’t squash your real

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