Tell Me About Your Weaknesses
By: Dan Miller

This is a pretty standard interview question - one you need to be prepared for. However, because it is so predictable, some of you are starting to sound like you read your answer out of a book. Of course, you don't want to say that you're always late, that you hate anyone who is a boss, or that you eat beans and onions for every lunch. But here's a very common response: "I put so much pressure on myself to complete all projects, that I often find it's past time to go home and I'm still working." Yeah, right! Even if it's accurate, this answer is starting to sound phony.

Just find some things that are unique and true about you. You may not be totally familiar with the latest software program in your industry but you are currently studying. You may find it challenging to get along with self-promoting people.

As with any question, show the positives as well. Don't give a 15-minute presentation on your weaknesses. Stay brief, so you can get ready to respond to the important questions like: "What would you do if this were you're last day on earth?" Or "If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?" Or "How did you contribute to the breakup of your marriage and what have you learned from your experience?"


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