By: Dan Miller

Working from home gives you two immediate bonuses: You don't pay
office rent and you don't pay wear and tear on your car to commute.
No wonder that about 2 million people a year are deciding to work at
home either part or full time. Unfortunately, many are hesitant to
promote what they are doing. Recognize you are running a business -
not just working from home. Here are some no-cost marketing tips you
can do:

--- Offer Free Seminars - If you can speak with ease, you may be
surprised at the value of free seminars on your topic or expertise.
Up to 75% will become paying customers if it is done right.

--- Put a simple brochure together to give your customers a
selection of your offerings. You can do this on your computer - you
may want to use some customized border paper for a professional look:

--- Have a professional sounding message on your telephone when you
are not able to answer. Don't have your cute kids create the message.
You will give the impression you are not a legitimate business. Have
a message about your business if someone is put on hold. Here's help:

--- Write a column for a local newspaper.

--- Give something away. Procter & Gamble and Chick-Fil-A have
become very successful doing this. If you sell gas grills, give one
to the Big Brothers program - that's a newsworthy event. An apartment
complex stayed at 100% occupancy in a neighborhood where 71% was the
average. They simply offered a free car wash once a week.

--- Send a thank you note to your customers. You'll create more
"top of mind" positioning.

--- Selection. Try to develop options. Give people at least three
choices. Alternate choice has always been a powerful selling tool.


"The evil man get rich for the moment, but the good man's reward
lasts forever." Proverbs 11:18

Dan Miller


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