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I am intersted in who the people are that post on this board?
What is your username?
What City/State you live in?
What city/ state you think your idea would work or has worked in?
What kind of business venture are you involed with?
What have you tried?
And anything else you want to share. Sound like a GOOD IDEA?

I will start. My name is Steve from Topeka, KS. I am just starting to look in to things here. I found this site via. Dave Ramsey (THE GET OUT OF DEBT GUY!) He has a radio show and he has a web site. HE ROCKS! See thats my problem I need to get out of debt!!!! Also another prolbem, I need more income than I am making now. So I bought the books 48 DAYS TO THE WORK YOU LOVE and 48 DAYS TO CRETAIVE INCOME. So here I go!! I think this is a great place to share and encourage each other!

There is a great article on fireflies just click on STARTING A BUSINESS over in the left column, my daughter and I might try that one for the fun of it! I'll tell ya how it goes or if it goes??

I look forward to seeing your posts on here.

In Him,

Posted on 7/20 6:57 PM | IP: Logged

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