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Debt Elimination ProgramsReply

Hello fellow 48Dayers, how's everyone doing? This is my first time posting here and I wanted to see if I could receive some feedback regarding Debt Elimination Programs.

Has anyone ever used or know of anyone who has successfully used a Debt Elimination Program? Several years ago, I befriended a young lady in my church, who was using a program that enabled her to eliminate all of her credit card debt and, mortgage payments. She became a part of a "secret network" of people who would meet regularly either in-person or via teleconferences. Via this network, she discovered a way for her husband to stop paying any kind of taxes (local, state and federal). She downloaded a form and gave it to her husband to give to his Human Resource Dept. When the HR Dept. processed this form, no additional taxes where deducted from his paycheck.

Over the past 6 months, I've been doing extensive research regarding debt elimination, and the information that I've found sounds very legitimate. However, I wanted to know if anyone else has utilized these types of program?


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