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Feedback from Users of Dan's BooksReply

Hi everyone, I'm Carol from Gaithersburg MD. If you have personally actually used Dan's books and personally actually attempted to get a new job in 48 days by using Dan's system, please reply and share your story.

Here's where I am: I do not know what my vocation or passion is, I want to start my own business which will definitely be small/at home at first (or even small longterm), and the advice to make a bouquet from the flowers around you is not helping me alot. Pretty slim pickings there. I am thinking of making crafts and selling them on Ebay - stuff to hang on walls with silk flowers etc. - and have someone to help me learn Ebay and bought a really good book about that. Although that's a possible income stream, crafting is not my passion/vocation. I am thinking more along eternal lines, i.e. Bob Buford's book, "Halftime".

My next step: I plan to do Dan's system as much as I know how without having the books to get a new job asap, for example his 48 days schedule was in one of this month's newletters. Then next goal will be to discover passion/vocation. When I have the $ I plan to buy both of Dan's books and a digital camera for Ebay. I might even shop on Ebay for used of both.

I highly recommend:

Dan Miller's free weekly emailed newsletter.
Listening to Dave Ramsey on radio, reading his books, and going to his Financial Peace University classes; see I have never been to one of Dave's live events, but you wouldn't believe the prices - other people charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for financial classes and events. Dave's are very inexpensive and the value for $ spent far exceeds anything I've ever experienced in my life.

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